Governor Dodge State Park 7.16.17

Governor Dodge State Park is HUGE ( 5,270-acres to be exact)! Named after Henry Dodge, the first governor of the Wisconsin territory, this place is so full of history (as are most state parks) and so informational!

Pictured below is the Rock Springs House which is what used to be used as a refrigerator. It was surprisingly FREEZING in there. If you only have a short amount of time at Governor Dodge, make sure you check out Stephen’s Falls, a .5 mile trail will take you to an incredible water fall.

I can’t wait to go back!



Wyalusing State Park 7.14.17

This was my first time at Wyalusing State Park and all I can say is WOW. I know I say that a lot, but I seriously can’t help it. Our campsite was on the edge of a 500 foot drop-off overlooking the intersection of the Wisconsin River and the Mississippi River. MAKE SURE THIS ONE MAKES IT ON YOUR LIST!



See you on the trails!

High Cliff State Park. 6.2.17

Awesome weekend camping with Dan and checking off Wisconsin State Park number 12!


We got to High Cliff State Park Friday evening, after stopping for Friday night fish fry at the Outpost in Sherwood (which was absolutely delicious).


After dinner, we set up camp and had a three hour campfire- complete with s’mores Goldfish. That’s not cheating is it? Okay, it totally is, but oh well.



We finally settled down to sleep only to be awakened at 4:51 AM by a flash of lightning, hail, and a “torrential downpour” as the local weatherman described it. But check out the sky:

We hopped in the car and decided to get an early start on the day, BUT COULDN’T FIND A COFFEE SHOP THAT WAS OPEN BEFORE 7 AM. What is that about? Anyways, after what seemed like hours (oh yeah, because it was), we finally got coffee and waffles at Tempest Collective, and let me tell you- it was worth the wait. I’m only adding pictures to make you jealous and hungry (sorry not sorry, okay I kinda am).


After breakfast, we went back to the campsite and the rain had mostly let up! We were able to hike and explore several different trails, which was only fitting since today was National Trails Day.

We chilled out, hung out in Appleton, and hung out in a hammock. Perfect weekend, if you ask me.

See you on the trails!